Boneheaded Quilting

I promised this horse quilt to a friend for her birthday fundraising auction. She is a life-long horse lover and has helped to establish a local horse rescue. How could I not donate to help?

I appliqued the horses, pieced the back, and quilted the layers, as one does. Despite measuring three or four times, the backing ended up cattywampus and this was the result:

Cattywampus backing

Naturally, I panicked because that’s my first reaction to doing something this stupid. After taking a deep breath, I did what anyone would do – went online and asked for help. I went to the forums on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website. MSQC is my favorite quilting website and has great people on its forums. I was reassured that a) I was not alone in doing something so boneheaded; b) I can simply add the material to cover the gap and no one will even notice: and c) that’s where the label will go so it will go even further in disguising such a bonehead mistake.

I still need to fix the backing and sew on the binding and then it will be ready for the fundraiser!

Here are pics of the quilt in its current state:

I made this quilt using the Holding Horses pattern from Cloud9 Fabrics.

I’ll post photos of the finished quilt when I have it complete. And remember: Don’t panic! Someone has made the same mistake and will be able to help you fix it.

Let us know you stopped by!

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